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Top 5 Reasons why Freelancers, Telecommuters and At-home Professionals need a Virtual or Executive Office Space.

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Are you part of the new cyber-workforce, loaded with high-speed Internet and video conferencing, and—admit it—someone who often finds yourself answering e-mails in your pajamas at noon? .

If so, you are one of 13.4 million people who work from home in the United States, and one of thousands right here in Palm Beach County.

Top Entrepreneurs in the area want to let you in on a little secret of their success: The Virtual or Executive Office Space. The leading executive office space in the West Palm Beach area is Galleria International Building. Here are the top 5 ways that such a low-cost, flexible office can transform your home-based business.

5. Fewer distractions.

Sometimes it is hard to focus on payroll or inventory reports when there are dishes piled in the sink and Fido is wagging his tail to go for a walk.

“Knowing that I can leave the snacks, dishes and dirty clothes behind locked doors and head to the office for a few hours, is golden!

4. A client meeting at your dining room table in yoga pants does not make a great first impression.

The Galleria’s seven spacious, professionally decorated conference rooms give the right impression for client meetings, depositions, or employee brainstorming sessions. The high back leather chairs set a tone that your college dinette set just couldn’t dream of.

3. Say goodbye to the PO Box!

A prestigious Clematis street address adds instant credibility to your business brand. Galleria is located on the corner of scenic Clematis Street and Olive Avenue in downtown West Palm Beach - right in the hub of the most prestigious real estate in the entire city

2. You now have “People” to answer the phone when their “People” call. Even if you need that…today! ,/p>

At Galleria you have friendly professional support services to answer or forward your calls, or provide complete office support services.

Need an office in hurry, or just a few days a month? Office spaces can be completely and attractively furnished for that professional appearance. Your personalized telephone number and Internet access can be set up quickly and effortlessly. Temporary use day office spaces and conference rooms have telephone service and Internet access ready for use.

1. Watch your business take off for much less than you imagined!

With The Galleria’s comprehensive flexible office space amenities and support, you are free to focus entirely on your business and its success! As your company grows, so can your office suite. No need to lock into extended leases for a specific space with office suite plans starting at only $399 per month!

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Galleria International Building is the flagship of downtown West Palm Beach's most recent urban revival, housing 50 executive offices with sizes ranging from 100 to 6,000 square feet, several conference rooms, high speed Wi-Fi, printing & copier rooms, a kitchen and other in-house facilities as well as support staff. Its high quality tenants include the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), Re/Max, Nico's Pizza, TheHome Mag of Palm Beach, Ship Sticks, attorneys, court reporters, mediators, entrepreneurs and a variety of businesses seeking day offices or satellite offices and who enjoy the convenience in location to the courts and government offices as well as restaurants and the Waterfront.

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