22 Jan


As a longstanding member of our West Palm Beach business community, we have always believed in human dignity, equality and diversity. 

We clearly stand AGAINST racism, bigotry and inequality. 

Our staff, coworkers and tenants include individuals of all races, religions and gender, from all walks of life.  

Our Galleria International Building has always been a place where small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and lawyers fight for justice, including immigration attorneys and organizations that help the community directly.

Over the more than 25 years under the current management, we have had many hundreds of virtual and office tenants from many countries and all walks of life.

We would like to clarify that Sovereign American Projects Inc. has never been a physical tenant in the building, they never had a physical office or hosted a meeting at our premises. They signed up directly online as a virtual subscriber to our address rental program at the end of August 2020.

Their address rental subscription was immediately terminated upon learning about the nature of their organization. They are no longer part of this subscription program or any other program or part of the building.

We clearly stand FOR diversity and inclusion and have worked hard to foster an office and work environment and a culture that supports, values and encourages diversity in race, culture, ethnicity, perspectives and backgrounds regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age,  disability status, citizenship, or any other aspect which makes all of us unique.

We hope that this statement helps to make our values and beliefs as a local company, as fellow workers and longstanding member of our community absolutely clear.

We welcome likeminded people and companies to become part of our diverse group of tenants, -whether online or in person.

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