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Galleria International Corporate Suites

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Galleria International Corporate Suites
301 Clematis Street
Suite 3000
W. Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States
Phone: 561.832.4732
Fax: 561.655.3202


Galleria International Corporate Suites


Telephone Features

Our focus at GICS is to make your experience at the Galleria a pleasant and convenient one. That's why we provide you and your office space with a state-of-the-art telephone system - already installed and ready to use the day you move into your office space!

No more headaches in contracting with a telephone system company, hassling with scheduling and installation into your office space, or trying to make do with a cell phone in the meantime. We have done all of the work for you!

GICS can set your office space up on our preconfigured telephone network with a multitude of options from which to choose. Our staff can assist you in setting up your office space voicemail and show you how to use the extensive features of the system. Here's just a few of those features:

Switchboard. When you take advantage of our telephone service for your office space, you get a single line that goes through our switchboard, where your calls are answered professionally with your firm's name. Included is one voicemail box and one digital executive handset with display, speed dial, speaker phone, and other amenities. Additional lines that ring directly into your office space, handsets, and voicemail boxes are available.

Headset Capability. As you know, many professionals find themselves on the telephone for prolonged periods, eventually suffering from neck and shoulder pain. All of our digital handsets can be equipped with optional headsets for your convenience.

Intercom and Speaker Page Control. Our state-of-the-art system gives you control over your telephone system. At times, receiving an intercom call or speaker page while on the telephone with a client can be disruptive and annoying; yet, there are other times when these disruptions are welcome - especially when you are waiting for an important call or client to arrive. Our system allows YOU to choose, on a call-by-call basis, whether you wish to hear the intercom call or speaker page. You won't find this feature with the average phone system!

VoiceMail. Voicemail has become the standard for any business today, including home-based firms. It frees you to do your business in or out of your office space, knowing that any telephone calls that come in while you are away will go to your voicemail box. The truly upside to our cutting edge telephone system is that you may access your voicemail within your office space OR from a telephone off the premises. This is one feature no professional can live without!

Remote Notification. Our complement service to voicemail is remote notification. This feature gives you notification whenever a message has been left in your voicemail box. Notification is given either by your pager or cellular telephone - your choice.

These are only a sampling of the unique features of our telephone system that you may choose for your office space. Contact us

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