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Galleria International Corporate Suites

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Galleria International Corporate Suites
301 Clematis Street
Suite 3000
W. Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States
Phone: 561.832.4732
Fax: 561.655.3202


Galleria International Corporate Suites


Internet Features and Services

Internet access to the World Wide Web and email capability has become as important to today's professional as a telephone. Attorneys, for example, and their paralegals require Internet access to research case law for their matters. Some of our office space clients do business over the Internet through their commercial web sites. And e-mail is essential to everyone!

GICS wants only the best for our office space clients. So, we have provided you with an OCR3 fiber optic connection and T1 Internet lines to make accessing the Internet and your email fast and convenient from anywhere within the Galleria Building. No more waiting while your office space computer churns away, trying to upload or download valuable information that you need to do your business! Our high-speed and wireless connections enable our office space clients to do their Internet work and email quickly, allowing them to spend more time on more important matters.

Here are some of the Internet features and services we offer our office space clients:

Dedicated Network Connection. At the Galleria, you can plug into the Internet from any location within the building - your office space or any of our conference rooms. Our high-speed, wired and wireless connections mean no modems to hassle with or reboot in only your office space, and your connection is on continuously 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will love the convenience!

Electronic Mail and Domain Service. Email addresses and domain names are as important as a prestigious office space mailing address to today's business professional. Ensure your email address and domain name reflects your business name for memorable, easy access by your clients. For example, the hypothetical Donnelly Law Firm might choose the domain name of and an email address of As you can see, the name perfectly reflects the firm name, making it easy for people to remember and placing you higher in the search engine rankings. We'll make it easy by registering and maintaining this important business trademark for you. It doesn't get any easier than that! Reserve yours today, while names are still available.

Web Site Design and Development. Whether you need a new web site from scratch or a redesign of your current site, we can help. Please contact Angela: or call 561.832.4732 for information about our web site services.

Internet Server Connection. GICS offers all our office space clients hosting services for their web sites and e-mail services. We also design websites and e-commerce websites for our clients and offer hosting and maintenance plans. Whether your needs are only for distributing information or actual online commerce, our super fast, reliable fiber optic connection ensures your web site is continuously available to Internet viewers with fast downloads of pages and products.

Hardware and Network Support We have friendly and highly experienced staff to help you with all your hardware and network installations, maintenance and support.

Don't see an office space service you need listed here. Contact GICS today! Let us assist you.


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