Galleria International Corporate Suites


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Galleria International Corporate Suites

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Galleria International Corporate Suites
301 Clematis Street
Suite 3000
W. Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States
Phone: 561.832.4732
Fax: 561.655.3202


Galleria International Corporate Suites


Client Support Services

Exemplary customer service associates, who are highly professional, well trained and experienced in many industries, provide our excellent client support services - attorneys and other single practitioners find our services especially rewarding. Regardless of your business, you won't find a better staff than ours, nor will you experience a more complete host of client support services.


From the moment your clients enter the Galleria Building, our receptionist is projecting your professionalism and sophistication. Cordial, friendly and knowledgeable, the receptionist is your first point-of-contact in many business dealings and matters. We ensure that it is beyond satisfactory for our office space clients.

Telephone Answering

With our telephone service, you can have your own personal line answered with your company name. Even those leasing virtual office space can give the appearance of maintaining an office on our premises - a plus for home-based entrepreneurs and professionals expanding into the West Palm Beach area. Additionally, your telephone calls can be forwarded to you at another location, allowing you to be elsewhere without missing an important call or message. Another plus - you can be connected instantly the day you move into your office space.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We provide the best equipment for our office space clients, such as high-speed copiers that sort and staple automatically, computers, facsimile (FAX) machines, and video conferencing, wireless and high speed Internet, just to name a few.


  • You can make your own photocopies by using a office space client code for monthly billing and also take advantage of our bulk discount program.

  • We can assist with setting up your computer in your office space, including complete setup of your corporate email (reserving a domain name, securing electronic mail account hosting, and configuring your computer's email access), and tutoring for any programs of which you are unfamiliar. We also provide complete website design and hosting services, as well as marketing and PR services onsite.

  • Our associates can provide facsimile transmitting - both sending and receiving - even if your actual office space is at another location.

If we don't have the office space equipment you need, ask and we'll get it for you - if not on premises, then off-site with our associates doing the legwork.

Click the following for more information about our:

Secretarial and Office Assistant

If you require a dedicated secretary or office assistant - even for only an hour or so - we can provide for your needs. Just contact our office manager to schedule one of our highly skilled associates.

Secretarial Support

When dedicated support is not needed, we provide various secretarial services to our office space clients. Just a few of these services include word processing, dictation revisions, document setup, and much more.

We also provide more specialized skills and services to our office space clients, such development of custom databases, professional quality desktop publishing, creation of marketing and presentation materials, printing services, scanning services, customized spreadsheet development, and translation services. Remember, you only need ask, and we'll provide the service.

A Professional Web Site

In today's global business community, a professional web site is a must, whether for informational purposes or actual online commerce. Perhaps you have one that your business has outgrown, or you are starting from scratch. Whether a redesign or brand new web site, simple five-page design or complex commercial requirements, our professional web designer can develop a stunningly marketable web site that will represent you as the professional that you are. We offer a full-service web package - just for our office space clients - that includes the design; programming of online databases, shopping carts, or whatever you may require; professional writing from a marketing perspective; any required training for you or an employee; updating and maintenance of the site; domain name reservation; and complete hosting services - choose the complete package or only what you need. Click here for information on our Internet access, features and services. Please contact Angela: or call 561.832.4732 for information about our web site services.

Additional Services

Here are just some of the other support services we provide to our office space clients:
  • Art rental for your office space

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping services

  • Catering services

  • Courier/messenger service

  • Floral delivery

  • Furniture rental for your office space

  • Laundry and dry cleaning pickup and delivery to your office space

  • Mail services, including UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, and DHL

  • Marketing and PR services

  • Notary services

  • Onsite handyman

  • Onsite office supplies and postage

  • Plant rental for your office space

  • Shoe shine

  • Storage facilities

If you have a support service need that is not listed above, just ask us. We will ensure it's provided to you. We provide every amenity for your success!


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