Galleria International Corporate Suites


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Galleria International Corporate Suites

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Galleria International Corporate Suites
301 Clematis Street
Suite 3000
W. Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States
Phone: 561.832.4732
Fax: 561.655.3202


Galleria International Corporate Suites


Galleria International ConceptFlexible Office Space Alternatives that Grow with Your Business

GICS is committed to your success! We offer:

Prestigious Location & Facilities

GICS is located on the corner of scenic Clematis Street and Olive Avenue in downtown West Palm Beach - right in the hub of the most prestigious real estate in all of the city. It's 1 block from city and county government offices, the Judicial Center, and the Intracoastal Waterway. It's a 5 minute walk to CityPlace with lavish restaurants and boutique shops, a 5 minute drive to Palm Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, and only 10 minutes from the exclusive Palm Beach International Airport. Learn more

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Big Plans - Whatever Your Budget!

Our flexible plans meet whatever you need. We offer:
  • Virtual office space plans starting at $25/month for the professional or home-based entrepreneur who wants a prestigious address and an accomplished business presence, or looking to expand into the area without the overhead costs.

  • Full-time office space for the professional or entrepreneur looking to position their business in the heart of the downtown business community — from one single full service office to large corporate offices.

  • Temporary Use of conference rooms and day offices for the professional or entrepreneur who wishes to give the appearance of a prestigious office while meeting with clients. It's the perfect complement to the virtual office space.
Generally, such preeminent office space in such a prime location is garnered at considerable cost, but our plans fit not only your office space needs but your budget, too! Our virtual office space plans start for as little as $25 per month. The pricing for our other plans also are affordable - and with no overhead costs, saving you money!

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Professional Support Services & Cutting Edge Technology

We offer professional support services to all of our clients. Whether you require only telephone answering and forwarding to you at another location or complete office support, we provide the service to you. Additionally, we ensure you have access to the latest technology to enhance your ability to do business. At GICS, we strive to offer you Every Amenity for Your Success! Learn more

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Customized Customer Service

Personalized service is provided by the owners of the facility. No more dealing with passive and uncaring rental management firms. Learn more about us

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Nearly Instant Access

All of our office spaces can be completely and attractively furnished for that professional appearance. Your personalized telephone number and Internet access can be setup quickly and effortlessly by GICS. Temporary use day office spaces and conference rooms have telephone service and Internet access ready for use.

Regardless of the plan you choose, all you have to do is sign up and in 5 minutes you are ready to use your new office space!

Sign up today for Virtual Plans online and for our Professional Plan - please contact Angela: or call 561.832.4732.

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